"Where the Rubber Meets the Road" 

 Hi, my name is Gerardo Arévalo. I am here to deliver your project.  

 NYC | Remote 

Full-Stack Development

SMB and New Enterprise application development from the ground-up.

Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Deploy, Test. Rinse and Repeat. 

CI/CD pipelines with issue tracking. 

Mobile, Cloud, Web & Desktop

I can help you with the right strategy. 

CMS & Shopping Cart Customization

A web site, or web application, is more valuable if you can do the small stuff yourself.

Web Hosting

Hosting Plans to fit your needs.

Start small, grow large.

My personal experience. 

 Code and Database migrations 

 CODE Framework 

 So... I am a half-designer, and also do everything else :) 

 T-Shirt Size Effort Estimation. It's like ordering french fries. 

 S, M, L, XL, Project 

 Ask Me Anything 

 I love to talk tech :)